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Ashley Furniture

The best furniture in North America can only come from one company Ashley Furniture.  From its beginnings in 1945, the company grew and will continually grow as it always cares for the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers.  As of today, it is the number one home furniture company in North America in terms of sales.  That is how popular this company has turned out to be.  It is not surprising because of the company’s strong commitment to give the best home furniture for the best homes. Customers who will buy Ashley Furniture can be assured of great quality because each product is subject to extensive quality control testing before they are launched in the market.

Some of their furniture is made with Dura Pella, a fabric that is comfortable, at the same time easier to clean.  Its products are also more affordable because the company makes an effort to reduce its selling costs.  These mattresses are infused with the Ashley Sleep technology, thus are engineered towards better sleep and can find best office  furniture at cheap  price at  Their foam is designed to conform to the body, is breathable for coolness, and has fresher odor than other mattresses.  The Augusta M860 and the Ellis Bay M863 mattresses have this technology.  Another innovative mattress is Ashley Gel.  A person feels fresher after sleeping in one of these mattresses.  Aside from the Ashley Sleep line, they also have the Sealy and the Simmons line of mattresses.

Ashley Furniture also is the home furniture company for those who care about the environment.  The company has consciously trying to reduce its carbon emissions, has vastly utilized the wood that they cut from the environment, and uses recycled paper for packaging. are dining room sets, bedrooms, and mattresses.  Two dining room sets that are hot commodities in Furniture Direct Inc. are Ashley D295 and Ashley-D158.  You can also save up to $300 when you buy this beautiful and quality brand at